The epoxy color chip floor system is typically a 3-4 day process, depending on the size of the job with a 2 day cure time. If removal is needed and/or moisture is present, 1-3 additional days will be needed.

Day 1: Surface Preparation

Day 1 of the process includes diamond grinding the concrete with with at least 30/40 diamond bits on a 20 inch planetary grinder that weighs approximately 400 lbs. This combination of machine and diamond bits provides the adequate amount of weight needed to properly prepare the surface of the concrete to accept the epoxy and form a mechanical bond that will last.

Day 2: Epoxy + Chips

Day 2 of the process consists of a final vacuum, patching of cracks and divots in the concrete, application of moisture block epoxy and broadcasting of color chips. The chips are cast to refusal.

Day 3: Scrape + Top Coat

Day 3 consists of scraping and removal of excess chips, and application of polyaspartic clear coat.